Yacht Braid Indian Hackamore

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Yacht Braid Indian Hackamore

     These are another bitless option we offer, that you attach directly to your headstall. Reins sold separately.

     Made with premium soft polyester yacht braid manufactured right here in the USA, and stainless steel rings, these  are built to last. A great option for horses who don't appreciate a bit.

     When you put pressure  (pull) on your rein, it also applies pressure (push) to the opposite side of your horses' face, encouraging them to respond. This softer rope is great for horses who are already light in the face, or those who have a tendancy to gall or be overly sensitive.

     As with all equipment that is new to your horse, it's important to get your horse accustomed to this in a safe area, such as a round pen or arena. Teaching your horse to give quickly and lightly to lateral pressure will greatly help with all bitless options.

     Available in a lot of great yacht braid colors.  You can pick the same color for your whole set, or choose a different noseband and strap color.

Since 1999

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