Yacht Braid Split Reins

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Since 1999


1/2" Yacht Braid Split Reins Use w/Slobber Straps

Slobber straps sold separately, here.

     Made from premium 1/2" polyeseter yacht braid rope made right here in Washington State. Each rein has two weighted ends (one rein shown to your left).

     One end will have a popper. The other end (to be tied to slobber straps) can be either a popper (shown) or tassel.

      Reins are measured at the tip of each rope end. Poppers add approx 5" each in length. Remember, when tying the reins onto the slobber straps, the knot will take up quite a few extra inches.

     You can purchase the slobber straps seperately, or use your own. Choose color and length. If you don't want decorative knots, please leave box below, blank. Starting at $53.90