1/4" Halter Cord Halter/Bridle 1

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These are part of our Hope Rope Halters™ Program.

Reins Sold Separately.

Need more info on rope halters and fit? Check out our 'Rope Halter Info and Fit' page.

Satin - QH/Arab

     Made from 1/4" Halter Cord rope, which is stiff, durable, long wearing, and snag resistant rope. Available in a wide variety of colors shown below.

      We use a fiador knot at the chin, our special throat latch knot, and lover's knots throughout, including the tie off ends.

     This set includes a hand spliced, sewn sliding browband. Available in matching colors, and complete with decorative knots. These have two stainless steel noseband rings with bit hangers. Great for ring bits and shanked bits with short purchases.

      Also included is a patterned 1/8" wrapped noseband, and decorative knots on the browband. You pick the pattern, and one or two different colors.

     Bit not included- reins sold seperately. Choose from seven sizes, starting at $46.

Since 1999

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