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"Sage" - Paint

      "Sage" is shown here wearing a large horse tan Hope Rope Halter™.

     These Hope Rope Halters™ are made with a fairly stiff 1/4" halter cord. We use a fiador knot at the chin, our special throat latch knot, and lovers knots throughout. The ends are also finished with a lover's knot.

      Because of the stiffer rope, low stretch and strength, these make great training halters, as well as halters for every day use.

     Each halter color has a designated charity. $2 per halter is pre-donated to it's charity. This is a great way to support your favorite charity, as well as get a top quality American made halter.

     This halter rope is available in the colors shown below. You choose from our 7 main sizes. Extra noseband knots are included. Custom sizes are available at no extra cost. Starting at $

Click color chart for larger view.

Since 1999

For a detailed list of charities, including links, please visit our Hope Rope Halter™ Program page.

Hope Rope Halter, halter cord, natural horsemanship training, halter cord, rope halter, Heath Marshall

     This top of the line 9/16" yacht braid rope is made right here in Washington State, from premium polyester fibers.  It has more 'feel' to it, making it a great training choice.

     Because each strand is made up of twisted fibers, it doesn't snag easily, and puts up with hard use, very well. This rope is abrasion, rot, mildew, snag and fade resistant.

      All yacht braid leads and lunge lines come complete with a spliced, hand sewn eye, and a spliced, weighted end with popper.

      They are measured from the tip of the eye, to the tip of the weighted end. The popper will add about 6" to the length of the rope. Pick up to two accent colors for your decorative knot. If you'd prefer not to have a knot, just leave the space below, blank. Starting at $

yacht braid, lead rope, training, lunge line, Heath Marshall

Click color chart for larger view.

      Click on picture for directions on how to attach yacht braid leads and lunge lines directly to your halter!

   This is an easy way to prove your tack belongs to you. Great for those honest mix ups. And those not-so-honest mix ups.

      You can add your initials, your last name, or even your horses name. Use up to six letters per popper side. We can do both sides of your popper if need be.

      This can be done on 1/2" poppers, which are used on all of our 1/2" yacht braid and flat braid tack. This includes mecates, split reins, lead ropes and lunge lines.

     Be sure to specify in the 'Letters' section below, what you would like customized. (ie. 'WINGS' - 12ft navy lead)

      Please note: Once leather products are stamped per your instructions, they are no longer returnable. 50¢ per letter.

     These durable sticks are made with 3/8" fiberglass rods. The comfortable rubber handle is made specifically for this size of stick- no shims are used. Sticks available in three or four foot lengths.

     Our sticks toppers are made from durable, rot resistant rope, using our own custom design. We've been using this great topper for more than a decade, and have had nothing but compliments!

     These are a must have for natural horsemanship training. These work as an extension of your arm to keep your horse out of your space. Made here in the USA, using USA components.  $

training stick, training string, natural horsemanship
training stick, natural horsemanship, training string, Heath Marshall

     Our Sunset Strings are made from premium American made polyester 1/4" yacht braid rope. Colors available shown to your left below.

      Four foot and six foot strings come complete with a spliced, hand sewn eye, and spliced, sewn, weighted end with popper.

training string, natural horsemanship, yacht braid, training

Click color chart for larger view.

Click color chart for larger view of haltermore halter colors.

"Sage" - Paint

Owned by J&K Welch

   This haltermore halter is part of our Hope Rope Halters™ Program. It's made from 1/4" Halter Cord. Very strong and stiff- which makes it great for more stubborn horses. Poll strap finished with a lover's knot.

    Rope made right here in Washington State. Available colors shown below. Choose either 1/2" yacht braid for matching reins on the next page. You choose size and color. Starting at $

halter cord hope rope halters haltamore haltermore hackamore

      Our haltermore reins are made from 9/16" premium polyester yacht braid rope. Both ends are weighted and spliced. You can choose two tassels, two poppers, or one popper, one tassel. You also get to choose either roping reins style, (no lead), or mecates (reins w/lead). Please note; that 2ft is added to the length/price of your roping reins, to be used to tie the knot. Mecate lengths are actual length. Starting at $30.50

©Ory Photography

<Knot colors

Click for larger view.

Quick Facts on Hope Rope Halters™

*Stiffness Varies- click on color chart to see color/stiffness

*Great training or every day halter

*Support your favorite charity

*Low stretch, great for pullers

*UV Resistant

*Made in the USA

Click color chart for larger view of 9/16" rein colors.

9/16, yacht braid, polyester, American made, fuchsia, teal, kelly, lime, blue, powder blue, purple, navy, black, silver, natural horsemanship
9/16, yacht braid, polyester, American made, fuchsia, teal, kelly, lime, blue, powder blue, purple, navy, black, silver, natural horsemanship