Bitless Halter/Bridle

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1/4" Diamond Braid Bitless Halter/Bridles

Since 1999

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     Gunnar is shown here wearing a burgundy/navy/jute 1/4" diamond braid, bitless halter/bridle. This is complete with navy yacht braid cross under straps and browband w/burgundy and jute decorative knots. The noseband is wrapped in navy. The tie off end is finished with a lover's knot, which is the same knot used throughout the set.

     These bitless halter/bridles have temple rings where the yacht braid straps are attached.  You can remove these yacht braid straps, and add side strap, so you can use this with a bit, too.  

     The yacht braid cross under the jaw, and out come out on the opposite side, through the noseband ring. This creates a push/pull effect. When you put direct reins pressure on one side, not only does it pull from that side, but the jaw strap also pushes from the opposite side.

     If your horse is use to giving to lateral pressure, they should catch onto this quickly. Giving to lateral pressure is a big key with these. If you're unsure how to train your horse to do this, we're happy to give you more info.

     We do recommend giving your horse time to learn this new gear, before setting off on a ride.

     Please note the noseband wrap and halter ropes are both diamond braids, so generally match very well. The browband/chin straps are yacht braid. Most of the yacht braids match the diamond braids well, except the pink/coral. If you have any questions on matching colors, please let us know!

     Available in a wide variety of sizes and color options. Starting at $

Gunnar - Paint  Owned by JK Welch


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