Leather Stamping

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Stamping for all 9/16" & 1/2" Yacht Braid Poppers

   This is an easy way to prove your tack belongs to you. Great for those honest mix ups. And those not-so-honest mix ups.

      You can add your initials, your last name, or even your horses name. Use up to six letters per popper side. We can do both sides of your popper if need be. Stars are also available,as shown above.

      This can be done on 1/2" poppers, which are used on all of our 9/16" & 1/2" yacht braid and flat braid tack. This includes mecates, split reins, lead ropes and lunge lines.

Since 1999

     We can also stamp your popper key chains and water ties. Water ties have a 3 letter maximum per side. Be sure to specify in the 'Letters' section below, what you would like customized. (ie. 'WINGS' - 12ft navy lead)

      Please note: Once leather products are stamped per your instructions, they are no longer returnable. ¢ per letter.

leather, popper, natural horsemanship, training, yacht braid, stamping