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Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever... except maybe the rope. We try to make every possible breakable part, easy to replace.

     3/4" square scissor snaps, used on are our side straps, reins, etc.   $

Since 1999

     3/4" round scissor snaps are used for round ropes, like dog leashes  

      The 1  1/2" long safety snaps are our small bit hangers. The 2" are the medium bit hangers.

      The 2 3/4" safety snaps are used with our 2" rings for our yacht braid and flat braid leads and lunge lines.

      We use the first three snaps on our lead ropes, lunge lines, cross ties, hot walker ties, and stall ties. We use the swivel snap for heavy dog leashes as well. And we use the double ended snap for our yacht braid leads and lunge lines. $

     These are actually left overs from about 15 years ago, before we came up with a new design for our stick toppers, using rope. We never had any complaints on these. Made from nylon, with a sewn 'pocket' for your training stick. Simply use heavy duty adhesive to glue it on. $4.50 each

Nickel Plated Bull Snap

Brass Panic Snap

Brass Swivel Snap

Double Ended Brass Snap

Nylon Webbing Stick Toppers - Approx 80 in stock

square scissor snap
round scissor snap
safety snap, natural horsemanship, bit hangers

2 3/4" Long

2" Long

1 1/2" Long

bull snap, thumb lever, brass, swivel snap, panic snap, double ended snap, double end, snap, hardware

Burgundy Replacement Water Tie Laces - Sold in pairs

     We want our products to last you for years and years. While our Weaver water ties are super thick and durable, leather can wear out over long periods of time. And as we all know, mice love the taste of leather. Here's an easy, inexpensive way to keep your reins working hard for you- replacement ties. These are $3 per pair.

(7/16" or 1/2" Yacht Braid)

swivel snap, brass, lead rope, cross ties, stall tie, halter tie, trailer tie

Large Brass Swivel Snap

9/16" Yacht Braid

     These larger brass swivel snaps are made just for our 9/16" yacht braid products.  You can use these on your leads and lunge lines, as well as the trailer ties, hot walker/stall ties and cross ties. $

panic snap, brass, trailer tie, stall tie, hot walker tie, cross ties

Large Brass Panic Snap

     We only use these larger brass panic snaps on our yacht braid trailer ties. They have a larger opening to accomodate thicker tie rings in trailers.   $

Used on Trailer Ties

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