Drive Lines

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7/16" Yacht Braid Drive Lines

     These drive lines are made from premium American made 7/16" polyester yacht braid.  

     We offer two types of splices/snaps. For a more streamlined look, we have the stainless steel ring w/safety snap (shown to your left). This ring is hard spliced into the rope. If a safety snap breaks, it can easily be changed out.

     We also have scissor snaps that are added after the splice. These can quickly be changed out once they eventually wear out.  This rope is nearly indestructible, so we want to make sure you can easily change out anything that could possible break or wear out.

     The other ends have weighted, back spliced ends with leather poppers and decorative knots.

     These are only available in a few colors. We'll add more colors as they're made available to us. As always, all rope and leather made in America.  Starting at $

Since 1999

7/16, yacht braid, American made, popper, drive lines

2-Strand Decorative Knot

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spliced rope, ring, yacht braid, natural horsemanship, horse, training, lead rope
spliced rope, ring, yacht braid, natural horsemanship, horse, training, drive lines

Snap added after splice

Ring hard spliced into rope

7/16, yacht braid, cow halter, slip halter, American made
accessory cord, American made