Quick Catch Halters

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Quick Catch Halter instructions shown below.  Be sure to take a few minutes to read and check out the photos!

Satin - QH/Arab

     'Satin' is shown here wearing a 1/4" yacht braid quick catch halter. This halter comes complete with a spliced, hand sewn eye, and a weighted end with popper.

     This rope is very strong, yet soft and compact.  It's great for use as an emergency halter, as well as quickly moving horses to new fields, barn, etc.

     These are quick and easy to put on, and even easier and faster to take off.  Just slide the nose piece off, and pull the lead.  For this reason, you need to make sure you put this on snug, with the nose piece higher on the head.

      Three lengths available to fit all sizes of horses, from foals to drafts! You'll have approx. 6 feet of lead left.  Starting at $17.85

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quick catch halter, rope halter, emergency halter

Quick Catch Halter Instructions-

      We use these when we bring our horses in from the fields at night. Quick and easy to put on and take off. This rope is very strong- tested to 2,300 pound and comfortable, yet thin enough to have plenty of 'bite' if need be.

      Shown below is how to put on a quick catch halter. Make sure it's nice and snug- sitting just below the cheek bones. To take off your quick catch halter, simply slip the nose piece off the nose, and pull the lead. The whole halter will come off the horse.

quick catch halter, rope halter, emergency halter

Slip spliced eye over poll

Pull a new loop through the spliced eye

Put new loop up over the nose, tighten right below the cheek bone.

     We haven't had any problems with the nose piece loosening on it's own. We're bringing four horses in at night, and turning them out in the morning. But hypothetically, if the noseband loosened enough, to fall off the nose, you could potentially have a loose horse.

Regular quick catch knot

quick catch halter, rope halter, emergency halter
quick catch halter, rope halter, emergency halter
quick catch halter, rope halter, emergency halter
quick catch halter, rope halter, emergency halter

Bring tail up between horse and rope

Bring tail down behind rope & thru the loop it makes

Finished half hitch knot