Trailer Ties

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7/16" Yacht Braid

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Since 1999

1/2, yacht braid, rope, trailer tie, splice

9/16" Yacht Braid

9/16, yacht braid, rope, trailer tie, splice
yacht braid, trailer ties, American made

Not sure what size you need?

     Hopefully this picture will give you an idea on the different sizes we carry.  

     The 9/16" yacht braid is the largest and strongest of the three, with the most available colors.

     The 1/2" we're slowly phasing out in favor of the larger 9/16".  

     And the 7/16" is great for smaller hands, and those looking for lighter weight, but same quality/durability as the larger sizes.

All rope & leather is American made.

7/16, yacht braid, rope, trailer tie, splice
9/16, yacht braid, polyester, American made, fuchsia, teal, kelly, lime, blue, powder blue, purple, navy, black, silver, natural horsemanship
1/2, yacht braid, lead rope, lunge line, natural horsemanship, training
7/16, yacht braid, cow halter, slip halter, American made