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Reins, browbands, lead ropes and chin straps sold separately. Click on buttons for more info or to order.  

Since 1999

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     Sidepulls need to fit snugly around the nose. If you email us your horses nose measurements (as seen on our 'Rope Halter Info & Fit' page), we'll be glad to custom fit your sidepull. Otherwise you may need to adjust the nose piece. This is simple to do, and we do have instructions available. Or easier yet, add a simple, comfortable chin strap for only $4!

       If your horse has a problem with bits, this could be just what you need. Many people also use these for training, trail riding, and ground driving. Four knots placed across the noseband- hitting pressure points- which discourages resistance. You get a quality, rope sidepull that can also be used as a rope halter.

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