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Add more decorative knots to our 1/2" and 9/16" yacht braid

     While we have these decorative knots standard on a lot of our tack, we understand you may want to add more. Whether it's adding a center knot to your roping reins, or adding an extra set to your split reins, we're happy to do it for you!

     You can also add one of these knots to your rope halter's tie off. Please note, if you're ordering a fancy wrapped noseband, a matching tie off knot is included in the price.

     If you're adding knots to the middle of the rein, we'll be sure to put a stitch through it to keep it from moving.

     Please include any knot placement details. Feel free to email us a drawing or picture for clarification - info@SunsetHalters.com

Since 1999

Two knots standard on all yacht braid roping reins, split reins and mecates.

yacht braid, roping reins, water tie, leather, decorative knot
yacht braid, mecate reins, water tie, leather, decorative knot

Click color chart for larger view of knot colors.

accessory cord rope

Extra knots shown on a set of mecate reins w/quick change slobber straps

*Please note, knots are added after reins are tied to the slobber straps. Knots are too large to pass back through the slobber strap hole.