Yacht Braid Split Reins

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7/16" Yacht Braid Split Reins w/Spliced Rings & Snaps

Reins measured from the tips of reins (including snaps), to the end of the poppers.

        These split reins are made with premium American made 7/16" polyester yacht braid rope. These are smaller and lighter weight, but are the same quality as our larger yacht braids. The compact size makes them great for smaller hands and every day use.

     Included in each set are two stainless steel rings, hard spliced/sewn, with safety snaps added.  The other two ends are back back splicedMade this way, a worn, or broken snap is easily changed out, which makes these reins nearly indestructible.

     Available colors shown below. We're working on adding more color choices, as they're made available to us.

     You choose length and color. Pick up to two accent colors for your decorative knots. If you'd prefer not to have knots, just leave the space below, blank. Starting at $46.35

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2-Strand Decorative Knot

Add up to 2 knot colors

Click here, to customize your reins, by adding leather stamping to your popper.

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