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Heavy Duty Tandem Couplers Made from 7/16" Yacht Braid

     These are made from premium 1/2" polyester yacht braid rope. These are made to be as indestructible as possible.  You have several options available to create your own custom coupler.

     You can choose spliced loops w/heavy duty brass hardware added afterward the splice or hard spliced rings with safety snaps.  This rope is very durable, meant to withstand the elements and just about anything you can throw at it. The only possible 'weak spot' is the swivel on the swivel snaps, or the joints/pins on the safety snap. We don't make cheap, throw-away products. We want these to serve you well for many, many years. We make have these snap options, so you can easily change out broken hardware.  

     Available in 18", 21" and 24", and tons of great colors. Starting at $29. Lover's knot is an additional $3, which includes the extra rope needed, so no length is lost in your tandem coupler.  All rope made in the U.S.A!

Heavy Duty Tandem Couplers

Since 1999

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Hard Spliced Stainless Ring w/Safety Snap

Splice Loops w/Brass Swivel Snaps

Brass Ring w/Lover's Knot

Brass Ring w/Slip Knot

Pros: This lover's knot is great for big dogs who are prone to pulling.

Cons: Knowledge of lover's knot needed to adjust lengths, or change hardware.


Pros: This sliding knot makes adjusting side length and changing out worn hardware super easy and fast.

Cons: May not hold as tightly as the lover's knot, with hard pulling dogs.


Length & Knot

     Since we make everything here in Washington State, we can easily make you custom lengths, including one side longer than the other. Please note, custom sizes are not returnable, so please measure carefully!  Send us an email for your custom order- info@sunsethalters.com