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XS Accessory Cord ZigZag Dog Collars

     Made from 3mm Accessory cord rope, manufactured here in the U.S. A. These are great for those tiny dogs who don't need a big, chunky collar. Daphne above is a 9 pound long-haired Dachshund.

     Available in a wide variety of colors shown below. You choose one or two colors for your ZigZag pattern.

     These will come tied in the latch knot, as shown. It's very important to tie this knot correctly. These are the same knots used to tie our rope halters. They won't budge even if a horse pulls back in their halter.

      Measure where the collar will sit on your dog's neck. We'll be sure to leave plenty of room to adjust. Comes complete with 3/4" stainless steel ring. $12.50

Accessory Cord ZigZag Dog Collars

Since 1999

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